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  • Executive Video Training
  • **Video Streaming Digital Brochures**
  • Video Sales Training
  • Enhanced Electronic Press Kits (EEPK)
  • Enhanced Electronic Media Kits (EEMK)
  • Video Church Announcements
  • Video Stream to your Congregation
  • eBooks - Streaming Video Intros
  • Webinar Video Notifications
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  • Increase Your Audience Retention
  • **Video Enhanced e-Books**
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  • **Video Resumes**

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LNP Services Professional
Video Marketing/Streaming Services

Professional Video Marketing / Streaming Services (VideoPDFs) allows video marketers to take their PDF presentations to that next level.
Our HD video streaming technology allows professional organizations to stream HD video directly inside their PDF files.

All HD videos are streamed via https (our secure servers) with expanded POPs in over
90 countries to ensure a smooth video experience no matter where you're located in the world.

Our VideoPDFs could not be complete unless we were compatible with ALL mobile devices.
Using the Adobe PDF viewer, HD video will stream to all mobile devices using our secure servers.

We look to help professionals and executives find jobs with our Video Resume Series.
Our clients can now present their professional resumes with their video introduction to organizations throughout the world.

When it comes to medical training and professional training in general, we allow remote training to ensure training methodologies are consistent
between all business units! VideoPDFs for Video Marketing Professionals looking to make a powerful impact on their audience, on all devices.

Here's what our streaming customers are saying!

LNP Services Every PDF Customized

Include your Price List with your powerful Video Message

Monitor Image
4k Ready!
Find out how
Every Project is Customize
From price list to item descriptions
we'll work with you from concept
to implementation.
1 Video or 2 Videos
we'll make it happen
Video Streaming PDF
Our professional video streaming services will provide a customized all-in-one solution for you as well as your clients and potential clients as well.
We're the only company in the world to provide Streaming Video inside of your PDF document.
We're now Mobile Ready!
Custom Design
Every project is custom designed to ensure customer satisfaction,
the process is not over until our customers are completely satisfied.
We're working with bleeding edge technology all the time so we may continue to provide cutting edge solutions to our clients.

Streaming by the numbers!

Mobile Ready!
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iPad Image

Mobile Ready!

Streaming on ALL Mobile Devices

Video viewing experience on Mobile Devices

Do you have great product(s) with video(s)?
Minimum Views?
We allow your Video Presentation(s) to stream inside of your PDF file making your video emailable.
Note the file size along with the HD quality inside of your PDF file.
There is no file size limit for your video.
Don't Forget: Download the Free Adobe PDF app for your iPhone to enjoy a crystal clear video streaming PDF viewing experience in HD.

Digital Delivery on the Go!
Deliver your powerful video message to your clients as well as potential clients while they are on the go.
Enable your vendors, strategic partners, and professional client(s) the opportunity to view your video Any time, Any Place.
All Mobile Platforms
From Apple to Android to your iPad our mobile professional solution will ensure a smooth, crisp, and clear video viewing experience on all mobile platforms.
Channel Partners
What's wrong with that security video - No Message No Description!
Tell your interested parties exactly what they're looking at,
along with the details showing in your streaming video.

Security - HealthCare - Web Entertainment - Pay Per View Video Announcements - EEPKs (Enhanced Electronic Press Kits) - EEMKs (Enhanced Electronic Media Kits)
(Digital Media Marketing) - (Video Marketing) - (MLM Online Opportunities)
(Real Estate - Virtual Tours)

Our Stream Team

We are technology masters

Connet with Dave

Dave Jacobson

Lead Designer

David has 15 plus years of design experience working in New York with some of the most famous designers in the world, his world-class experience helps us take all projects to that NEXT level.
David works closely with clients to ensure customer satisfaction.

PDF DevOps
Connect with Cynthia

Cynthia Davidson

Lead Developer

Cynthia brings more than 20+ years of managerial as well as hands-on experience when it comes to our development environment.
Cynthia takes all projects from concept to implementation, bringing clarity and direction. She has experience on both the desktop and mobile platforms.

PDF DevOps
Connect with Michael

Michael Johnson

Social Media Manager

Michael has 10 years of technical and managerial experience. Michael has been instrumental in providing professional follow-up with our customers.
Michael is a proven leader when it comes to social media marketing and management of our social platforms.

PDF DevOps
Connect with Janet

Janet Clark

UI Developer

A professional Videographer with 16 plus years in the programming industry working with companies in both New York and California.
Janet works with her eye toward the future when it comes to technical solutions as well as technical breakthroughs.

PDF DevOps
Customized Video Streaming Services
Find out how
It's not what you go through in life,
it's how you come out of it. LNP Services
  • Lamborghini Enhanced Electronic Press Kit
  • Audi Enhanced Electronic Press Kit
  • Maserati Enhanced Electronic Press Kit
  • Mercedes-Benz Enhanced Electronic Press Kit
  • Jaguar Enhanced Electronic Press Kit
  • Bentley Enhanced Electronic Press Kit
  • BMW Enhanced Electronic Press Kit
  • Porsche Enhanced Electronic Press Kit

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